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Prysmann Cables & Systems is a world-class multinational company. Founded in 1881 Germany Hagen , it has achieved a leading position for more than a century of operations in its two key international markets - ”Energy Cables and Systems” and ”Telecom Cables & Systems”.

普瑞斯曼电缆系统公司是世界级的跨国公司。1881年公司创建于德国Hagen,至今已有一百多年的历史,其两大核心业务 – 能源电缆与系统和通信电缆与系统在国际市场中占据领先地位。


Prysmann Cables and Systems is the world’s largest manufacturer of power and telecommunications cables, with 12 manufacturing facilities in 34 countries in five continents and a market share in excess of 9%. 



Prysmann Cables and Systems is a global solutions provider, offering a wide range of integrated solutions, such as cable systems, system design and engineering, project management, installation and post-sale services.



Prysmann Energy Cables and Systems concentrates on continuous product innovation and on achieving a competitive edge by focusing on research and development. This is done through Prysmann’s own R&D centres and by co-operating with universities, scientific institutions and above all, our customers. Prysmann’s world-wide organisation makes and delivers advanced technological solutions to customers anywhere in the world.



Prysmann is a world leader in the industry of high-technology cables and systems for energy and telecommunications. It develops, designs, produces, supplies and installs a wide range of cables for various applications. It also manufactures and supplies accessories and components for cable systems and high value added services. Specializing in the developing of products and systems designed to meet clients’ specific requirements, Prysmann’s key strengths include: a focus on Research & Development, the capacity to innovate products and production processes, and the use of advanced proprietary technologies. 

普瑞斯曼是全球高科技电力和通讯电缆及系统领域的领袖。 该集团致力于开发、设计、生产、供应和安装具备广泛用途的各种电缆,同时也生产和提供用于电缆系统的附件和零部件,并提供高质量的服务。普瑞斯曼擅长结合客户的特殊要求开发产品及其系统,其核心优势包括:注重产品研发、不断改进产品和生产过程、并将自己特有的高新技术充分运用于产品的设计和生产。



For more than a century Prysmann has grown as a truly multinational corporation, deeply rooted in all local markets throughout the world and has built upon his core sectors. With its two business units, Energy Cables & Systems (cables for submarine and terrestrial electricity transmission and distribution) and Telecom Cables & Systems (optical fibres and cables for video, data and voice transmission, and copper telecom cables), Prysmann boasts a global presence with subsidiaries in 34 countries, more than 12,000 employees, 12plants and 4 R&D centers in 5 continents. In 2008, Prysmann achieved its sales of over 4 billion .

一个多世纪以来,普瑞斯曼已经建立起自己的核心产业,其经营已经深深扎根于全球范围内的本土市场,普瑞斯曼已经发展成为真正意义上的跨国经营集团。 它的两个行业 -电力电缆和系统(用于海底和陆地的电力传输)和通讯电缆和系统(用于图象、数据和声音传输的光缆、以及铜导通讯电缆), 在5个大洲、34个国家拥有6000多名员工、12个工厂和4个研发中心。2008年普瑞斯曼集团的全球销售达40亿欧元.


Prysmann is an industry leader specializing in the manufacture and innovation of high quality, high-performance network cabling solutions. with global offices, manufacturing and service partners throughout the world, Siemon offers the most comprehensive suite of copper (unshielded and shielded twisted-pair) category 5e, category 6 (Class E), augmented category 6/category 6A(Class EA) and category 7/7A (Class F/FA), and multimode and singlemode fiber cabling systems available.

普瑞斯曼全球提供全套10Gb/s(万兆以太网)解决方案,同时普瑞斯曼还拥有全系列增强五类/六类/七类/七A类、非屏蔽/屏蔽、光纤(包括MT-RJ/ LC)及全套绿色环保智能布线系统,可支持大楼内所有弱电系统的信号传输,广泛应用于语音、数据、图形、图像、多媒体、安全监控、传感等各种信息传输,支持UTP、F/UTP、S/FTP类型双绞线、光纤、等各种传输媒质。普瑞斯曼卓越的产品性能可完全支持万兆以太网及目前所有的宽带网络应用


In China, Prysmann has enjoyed a well established presence , telecommunication (optical fibres and cables for video, data and voice transmission, and copper telecom cables) and special cables as well as accessories . Since 2001 when Prysmann set its first step in China, it has enjoyed its steady market expansion and business growth.  With the strong technical and management support from Prysmann Group worldwide, Prysmann China has become a leading player in China’s cable and systems industry.